Hi!  I’m Vicky, a relentless explorer of all things crafty, foodie, outdoorsy and nerdy.  I am a happy participant in any activity that even remotely qualifies as a fun field trip.  I’m here to share my adventures and invite other like‑minded “not‑so‑grownups” to join in the fun!

But for this blog I’m Grandma Girl Scout, because I love telling folks that everything I know I either learned (or had planted in my soul) as a young Girl Scout growing up in western Washington.

It was those adorable machine‑stitched badges I was after‑‑you know, the ones that would be sewn into colorful rows of three down a diagonal sash you would sport proudly at school on Girl Scout meeting day.  The badges that you had spent many hours working on getting the criteria signed off‑‑baking cakes, dabbling in a variety of crafts, lashing sticks onto trees to hold things, learning to tie a proper square knot and make a stove out of a #10 tin can that would house a small fire‑‑that is, IF it would quit raining long enough to get one going.

Apparently, my badge‑earning yearning (love that!) was destined to stick with me for the rest of my life.  I continue on a quest to try every craft imaginable.  I spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with modern versions of things I cooked some 50 years ago, learning to embrace foods and trends that Girl Scouts of the future will undoubtedly be faced with as choices:  GMO foods, organic produce, more plant‑based foods in our diets.  I finally, at age 52, got to go on my first backpacking trip (missed out when I quit Girl Scouts in the eighth grade) where I got to see bear poop on the trails.  I still love the great outdoors and all things nerdy and sciencey, and I still want to understand what’s going on in junk food factories and fish hatcheries and outer space.

And I bravely and shamelessly proclaim:  I know I am not alone, and that within many of us there is still a little kid who wants to play and tinker with fun things without ever having to become an expert.  So have at it, and feel free to share what you’re up to.  Do crafts and make something cool.  Find a service project to engage in.  Take tap dancing or violin lessons just because nobody let you do it when you were a kid.

So I guess I’m still a child at heart who just wants to play.  I make no apologies.  Join me!  Just don’t forget to sweep up the grandkids and bring them along on the ride.