Compost Feeding End of Summer

Things are getting rotten around here‑‑and that’s how I like it!

I just had to share a quick update on my little compost bin that I take such pride and joy in nurturing.  On August 27th I added the last bit of good stuff to my Rubbermaid composter, and now it will just sit and fester (that has to be a scientific term) until the warm summer sun has given up the ghost, when it will be time to add the finished sweet‑smelling organic matter to my garden to keep it cozy throughout the winter months.

So…here we go.  It was a fun 20 minutes in my backyard!

First, I laid out the old yellow shower curtain, with the bin standing eagerly nearby.

Composting End of Summer 1

Next, I sang praises to the billions of microscopic lives who have been happily converting the previous slop into something that actually smells pretty dang good at this point.  I would say it’s a tough job, but for these little guys, it’s really a no‑brainer.  They just love what they do!

Composting End of Summer 2

Then, I dumped one last Folgers coffee can full of vegetable peelings and smashed eggshells over the top, along with one bag of coffee grounds obtained for free from Starbucks.

Composting End of Summer 3

Topped with some dry grass clippings‑‑because I needed some more carbon‑y grass instead of slimy wet nitrogen that fresh grass offers.  At this point, no slime, thank you.

Composting End of Summer 4

Finally, I used a shovel to mix the stuff up right there in the fresh air on the shower curtain.  The compost is getting to be so light and fluffy, I actually did some lifting of curtain corners and rolling the mixture around to make it nice and uniform.

Composting End of Summer 5

Now all there is to do is wait and let nature do its thing.  A splash of water every few days and then a couple more turns is all I’ll need to do.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product!  As I said before, it really doesn’t take very long to make compost if you do it the Grandma Girl Scout way.  Another month and I’ll be sifting it through my hands!

There should be a compost badge for the REAL Girl Scouts of America.  I knew something was missing from my sash when I was young!

Has anyone else been making compost this summer?  Leave a comment if you are loving it!

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