Out with the old, in with the new!

Old Formica

New Kitchen Bar

As I say good‑bye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with (mostly) open arms, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts over the past couple of years, as silly as they seem at times (I mean, come on‑‑Fidget Spinners??!!)‑‑with a special thanks to those who have registered on my blog.

As many of you know, I have a “regular job” as a freelance court reporter, which keeps me plenty busy.  If I could earn a living writing blog articles while simultaneously backpacking, crafting, and cooking up healthy and delicious things to eat (grown from my own organic garden), I would be in heaven!

But, alas, I really can’t just throw out the whole kitchen sink right now, as they say.  Or, wait‑‑maybe I can, and DID!  Seriously, check this out: my trashed old kitchen sink‑‑from my frenzy of freshly painting my walls in updated Behr colors (Cappuccino Froth and Barista, to be exact), and my lovely new single‑basin and much deeper stainless sink, expertly mounted underneath a new granite countertop, compliments of Home Depot’s awesome sale they had in December.

Old Sink

New Kitchen Sink

But Grandma GirlScout didn’t just stop there‑‑no siree!  The new centered disposal and skill of the plumber, who scooted the pipes back a few inches for me, made a lot more room underneath to “pretty up” that space a bit.  So now I am the proud owner of a plastic‑lined cabinet bottom and a slide‑out garbage can and “stuff” holder that I actually installed myself, with a sore osteoarthritic left thumb and all.  (Did you know that you really don’t need to drill pilot holes for screws if you have a teeny finishing nail to pound in and pull out instead?  Sometimes necessity requires you to think outside the drill.)

Under Sink

My goal for 2018 with this blog, in addition to writing about my gardening adventures (okay, misadventures), travels, crafts, and other fun things, is to step up my efforts to develop and share more recipes that are simple, quick, pre‑preppable, healthy, and delicious.  As a mother who raised two now‑grown girls, a relative of people who got married or had babies and needed food for a crowd, a participant in activities involving lots of hungry youth, mission fundraiser dinners and, more recently, a “green room” cook/hostess for some musical festivals, I am no stranger to huge food undertakings.

Lately, however, now that things are quieter and I focus more on eating “whole food plant based” (I’d be able to call myself a vegan if I didn’t cheat), I cook much simpler these days.  I love to prep things ahead of time, doing things like freezing precooked squash and my wonderful cauliflower‑based “mac and no‑cheese” sauce and assorted frozen smoothie starter bags, so that I can grab something and have a nice, comforting dish in a hurry…

…which is where my readers come in!  I’m here to announce to all:  Waffles are the new biscuits, they’re simple, and they rock!  My next recipe I post will be one that I’ve been working on for a couple of months to get it just right: “Short‑Order Whole‑Grain Waffles” (vegan, oil free and gluten free, too!)‑‑a healthy dry mix that you just add water to for waffles you can literally mix up one at a time, so you can make individual waffles to order, whether savory (waffles and gravy, baby!) or sweeter to serve with fruit or syrup toppings.  Also, not to be outdone by a waffle, my instant gravy mix is in the works, too.  These recipes will be posted very soon, and you won’t want to miss them!


Bourbon Maple Waffle

Savory Waffle

My updated kitchen will be such a fun place to be creative‑‑mostly because I’m a slob and will love practicing the simple sweep‑the‑mess‑into‑the‑sink maneuver.  I wish you all a lot of your own happy messes and good times with all the important people in your lives, now and throughout the coming year!

Happy Times to All,

Staged New Kitchen

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