Delicious Low Calorie Lemon Drop Meringue Treats…

Even If You Are Vegan or Allergic to Eggs!

These yummy Lemon Drop Meringue cookies are delicious and only 2 1/2 calories each!  They are downright addictive.  But never fear… even if you eat the entire batch of 70 cookies, you’ve only consumed around 160 calories!


1/2 C. aquafaba (liquid drained from a can of chickpeas/garbanzo beans)

3 T. sugar

1/4‑1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/4‑1/2 tsp. citric acid powder (usually can be found in grocery stores with the canning supplies)

1/3‑1/2 tsp. lemon oil (Not lemon extract! I bought my lemon oil at a baker’s supply store)

The Right Whip

Aquafaba Lemon Drop Meringues RecipeWhip aquafaba in a mixing bowl at high speed using the whisk attachment of a stand mixer until soft peaks form.  (A hand mixer works but takes longer.)  Slowly add sugar, then vanilla.  Sprinkle in citric acid and lemon oil in lowest amounts stated and beat in, then taste.  If you prefer more sourness, add a bit more citric acid (be careful; too much can make your tongue sore!); and for more lemon flavor, add a bit more lemon oil.

Perfect Peak

Aquafaba Lemon Drop Meringues RecipeWhen stiff peaks have formed, fold mixture with a rubber spatula, scraping the bowl to ensure all is mixed in evenly.  Position oven racks on the lowest and second‑highest positions, and preheat oven to 250 degrees F.

Plunk Meringue Piles

Aquafaba Lemon Drop Meringues Recipe

Using a teaspoon, scoop and plunk down little meringue piles onto two baking sheets covered with parchment.  Five rows of seven meringues should fit onto each sheet.  Leave them tall and let their personalities shine through!

Put sheets into the oven on the two racks.  After 15 minutes, rotate each pan front to back and switch positions top to bottom so the meringues bake evenly.  Keep a close eye on them from now until they are done, rotating the pans again after another 15 minutes.  Total baking time can vary widely, from 30 minutes to an hour or longer.  When meringues BARELY start to brown on the edges, they are probably done.  Watch them like a hawk, because they can go from JUST done to overdone and ruined within a minute or two!

Luscious Lemon Drop Meringues

Aquafaba Lemon Drop Meringues Served

Remove the pans when meringues are done and lightly press on the top of one or two  they should be firm or nearly firm.  They will continue to dry out as they cool.  (One pan could finish sooner than the other.)  When cool, they should release easily from the parchment.  If they have any softness inside, you can put them back in the warm (not hot) oven to continue drying out.

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