Recipe for Yummy Waffles


Howdy, all!  I’ll cut right to the chase:  It’s time for to me to stop inventing version after version of my long‑tinkered‑with waffle mix and finally post the thing so my waffle‑loving friends can get down to business and start eating.

Macaroons On Plate


Does anyone besides Yours Truly have a sweet tooth that MUST be satisfied, whether from something healthy or not?

fermented-vegetables - How to Bottle & Ferment Veggies

HEALTHY “MOONSHINE” – Fermented Vegetables

Hi, friends! It’s early August and I’m into the third week of my summer “sabbatical” in Walla Walla, Washington, enjoying a healthy dish of good‑probiotic‑laden fermented red cabbage and beets as I type.

Ceviche Plant-Based Recipe


Well, right off the bat I can hear the shrieks from seafood lovers who are aghast to see the words “plant‑based” used as an adjective for ceviche, which, by its very nature, IS a fish dish‑‑and a raw fish dish at that!

Vegan Gravy & Sauces

Multi-Purpose Vegan Sauce Base

How many of us have ever wanted something we either can’t afford or don’t have room to store it, but then use Christmas to justify buying it?  Like, hey, it’s Christmas; this can be my present to myself!

Aquafaba Lemon Drop Meringues

Tasty Low Calorie Lemon Drop Meringue Recipe

These yummy Lemon Drop Meringue cookies are delicious and only 2 1/2 calories each!  They are downright addictive.  But never fear… even if you eat the entire batch of 70 cookies, you’ve only consumed around 160 calories!

Homemade Multigrain Bread

Vicky’s Multigrain Sandwich Bread (no knead)

This “almost no knead” recipe was inspired by Cook’s Illustrated and numerous other sources on the Internet that have posted recipes for wonderful rustic, no knead boules of artisan bread.